Miraclon Kodak Flexcel NX Ultra Plate - ADV 5

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Technical Specifications
  • Back Exposure (sec.) : ~36
  • Color of raw plate: Yellow
  • Drying Temperature (°C): 60
  • Drying Time (min) : 90
  • Fine Line Width: 20 μm
  • Hardness according to DIN 53505: 0000
  • Isolated Dot Diameter: 50 μm
  • Light Finishing UV-C (min): 20
  • Main Exposure (min): -22.5
  • Maximum Dimensions (in mm): 1484 mm x 1027 mm
  • Minimum Dot: 10 μm
  • Plate Hardness (Shore A): 71 - 77
  • Post Exposure UV-A (min): 9
  • Recommended relief depth (mm): ~0,55
  • Screen Ruling: 00
  • Tonal Range:: 00
  • Wash-out Speed (mm/min) : ~380


Our ambition to offer the highest quality and at the same time sustainable flexo plate production led to the new technology from Miraclon.

In doing so, Köstlin is leading the way for a more responsible and efficient value chain in prepress services.

The water-based KODAK Flexcel NX Ultra enables particularly efficient production of high-quality flexo plates that are solvent- and VOC-free.

The well-known KODAK NX quality has been developed one step further with this system and decisively optimized in terms of handling, sustainability and efficiency.

Selection of surface structures - the choices are:

1.) Standard (Recommended for anilox rollers with a volume of approx. 3 cm³/m²)

2.) Advanced 1 (Recommended for anilox rollers with a volume of approx. 3 - 4 cm³/m²)

3.) Advanced 2 (recommended for anilox rollers with a volume of approx. 4 - 6 cm³/m²)

4.) Advanced 3 (recommended for anilox rollers with a volume of approx. 6 - 9 cm³/m²)

5.) Advanced 4 (recommended for anilox rollers with a volume of approx. 8 - 12 cm³/m²)

6.) Advanced 5 (Recommended for anilox rollers with a volume of > 11 cm³/m²

Please fill out the Plate Specification Form and at the end of the form please submit your Artwork. Use this Calculator to find the total plate size. Then use this value in the quantity field to get the right price.


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