Why Anyflexo Marketplace?

Why AnyFlexo Marketplace?

A Marketplace in general is an area of commercial dealing where sellers come and sell and customers buy. When its online in a virtual environment its simply E-marketplace. So, sellers can make their shops online in a centralized platform and customers can come and buy.

Biggest example?

Sure you might have probably heard of amazon.com or alibaba.com.  Well, there are tons of others out there in today's time.

But the first difference between Amazon or most of the other Marketplace is that they are focused towards Business to Customer selling. But Anyflexo Marketplace is solely focused towards business to business selling.

Second, we are dedicated to flexography industry. Which means we have sellers form all over the globe selling all flexographic consumables materials. These includes materials from different categories and different brands.

Advantages of a dedicated Anyflexo Marketplace for you as a flexo printer?


  • You as a printer need to collect different consumables for different steps of your flexo process. You probably might have different vendors for certain categories of materials. To place an order you have to always contact these multiple places for your needs and that takes time, doesn’t it?
          Well, at Anyflexo Marketplace you can buy everything at once.
          No more need of  contacting 4 different vendors for your sourcing. Time saved!
  • Usually you stick to your standard list of sellers/distributors with a particular brand of products which limits you to those selected products. However, with an E-marketplace you can explore variety of products and different brands that might help improve your print efficiency in terms of quality or scaling your print. Which you might have not tried yet or not know off.
  • Reduced transaction cost is another major benefit for you. At Anyflexo marketplace you get assured best price, thats you would get when directly dealing with the vendor. You don’t pay differently for each shipment, and moreover get most products in one delivery, rather than multiple deliveries for different goods.

In a nutshell:

You Save time. You Save cost. You get access to new products.

All in a one stop shop!

But wait that’s not it, there are other advantages too for you ! Like:

  • Easy & Smooth buying process.
  • Compare prices of different products from different vendors and select the best choice.
  • Total Transparency of information.
  • Support at all steps, off and after purchase.
  • We also offer a free knowledge platform ‘flexopedia’ for all. You can use to learn new things and that can help you solve problems you might one facing in your daily printing job.

So that’s why Anyflexo Marketplace could be an ideal solution for you!

Go checkout now and get up to 25% discount on your first purchase!

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