Teknova Water Based Matt Varnish FM543X - 30 kg

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Technical Specifications
  • Block resistance : 8
  • Crazing resistance : 9
  • Drying : 9
  • Gloss: 2
  • Indirect food contact :
  • Rub resistance : 10
  • Slip effect : 9
  • Weight : 30 kg

Teknova Water Based Matt Varnish FM 543X

Teknova Water Based Varnish Gloss FM 543X helps produce a matt finish for the dispersion coating of food, non‐food packaging and commercial printing. 
Comes in a container 30 Kg. 

• Teknova Water Based Matt Varnish FM 543X have the desired properties (gloss, opacity, lubricity, etc.), as well as the possibility to print without problems in the lacquer unit.
• Created to meet the needs of the industry and generally experienced problems such as in box gluing, folding cracks, scratches and completely eliminates the problems.
• Lit also provides a wide range of motion to the users with its compliance with legal regulations (FDA24, SWISS ORDINANCE).

Direction For Use

It is recommended to be used on coated and many similar paper and cardboard surfaces. Metal sheets, plastics or test before use on low porosity substrates such as thin films.
Suitability for uncoated papers, boards and papers below 115 gsm may vary depending on the application.
Flat offset varnish unit (anilox or roller lacquer systems)
Required drying conditions: IR and Hot air circulation
Wet-on-dry (offline) printing for conventional inks
• Mix well before use.
• Wet film weight is 3-6gsm for most applications.
• For ideal results, inks with high alkali resistance and no wax should be preferred. Production It is recommended to test the ink compatibility before processing.
• Inappropriateness of the printing surface and ink, insufficient drying or poor friction can cause resistance. Therefore, check the suitability of the surface and the ink.
• Check the viscosity and adjust with water if necessary.
• Recommended maximum stack temperature = 36 °C.
• The best results for Bonding / Foil / Lamination / UV Lacquer are a combination of many factors, this so always take an initial acceptance test for a particular application. Full curing (drying) of the product is at least 24 hours later.

You can download the Technical Data sheet here

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