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JetCleaning Heating Tank for Anilox Roll

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Technical Specifications
  • Measurements (in cm) : 90 x 50 x 80
  • Weight: 90 kg

Heating Tank for Cleaning Anilox Roller

Heating tank for rinsing your polluted anilox roll with heated cleaning agent for a more effective result. Optionally possible with touchscreen and link to the AnyLox platform to accurately monitor the functioning.


•Emergency stop + On/Off switch
•Completely in Stainless Steel 3 mm with protection plate to protect you for heating element
•Heating element with capacity of 6KW
•Digital heating element to easily adjust desired tempature. 
•5 meter power supply cable 
•Moveable because of foodgrade teflon wheels and Stainless Steel pulling bar
•1/2” coupling with drain valve to connect suction hose of your inkpump
•1/2” coupling to connect return hose from your doctor blade chamber
•Level switch safety for heating element

Direction For Use

• Please download the technical data sheet for detailed direction for use.

You can download the Technical Data Sheet Here. 

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