INOflex INObridge CP ProXline

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Technical specifications
  • Air supply operator side: Bored plastic insert
  • Air supply roller body : Bore
  • Coating : PROTEK® 3340; PROTEK® 9003*
  • Electrically conductive in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU: all
  • INOpin: Stainless steel; Replaceable; Reinforced
  • INOslot / INOlock: Stainless steel; Replaceable; Replacement integrated
  • Insert material: Aluminium
  • Min. format jumps : 10
  • Tolerances: ≤ Format 700 (Ø 216,567 mm): 0,015 mm; > Format 700 (Ø 216,567 mm): 0,018 mm
Technical specifications
  • INOflex® seal: all
  • Run out : 0,015mm
  • RZ: 4-8μm

INOflex® INObridge CP ProXline

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INObridge CP ProXline pneumatic CFRP adapters are the pinnacle of the INOflex® pneumatic adapter family. 

Optimized for every working width and format, individually calculated CFRP laminates and high-quality materials are used to ensure maximum product rigidity and reliably, preventing vibrations to Print images with the most demanding requirements. The new INObridge CP ProXline pneumatic adapters are your solution for the highest demands and the full utilization of your machine performance.


To receive additional information about the pneumatic CFRP adapters, please click this link to download the file. To read specifically about INObridge CP Proline, please download this file!
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