Corrugated cardboard seminar by Sandra Kaiser



  • Timings : Full day from 9 am to 4 pm.
  • Type : In house Training

Corrugated cardboard seminar by Sandra Kaiser. 
What does the seminar include ? 

The corrugated board seminar is structured in terms of content like the "Flexo printing basics" training, only specifically adapted to corrugated board printing. In corrugated cardboard printing, everything is a little coarser, heavier and more complicated.

Starting with other machine superstructures, in the postprint, for example, sheet machines, punching and inliners are used. Vibrations can occur in these machines, which can be transported to the printing unit and cause a fluctuation in the pressure level there. Therefore, a different reproduction is required in advance.

The use of water-based paints also changes some procedures in color management and the maintenance of the mostly permanently installed anilox rollers, which are much larger and heavier than, for example, raster sleeves in the film printing area. Printing plates are mounted on mounting films with a wide variety of hanging systems and partly underlaid with compressible foam substructures to counteract the so-called "washboard effect". In the washboard effect, the wave structure of the underlying wave becomes visible. The result is an outer ceiling with a washboard-like structure, which negatively affects the later printing result.

The corrugated board training aims to gain advanced knowledge of various printing form assembly possibilities, to get to know the characteristics of water color systems and machine types, as well as to make correct settings on the respective machine with regard to print quality.

Participants will gain insights into various measurement methods for monitoring quality. They learn how to maintain permanently installed anilox rollers and gain knowledge about usable substrates and their production in the corrugated board system.

The training focuses specifically on these specific corrugated cardboard features and can be individually adapted to your needs.

Target group: Suitable for all employees in the field of corrugated cardboard, for non-industry and brand manufacturers, the degree of difficulty is individually adapted according to previous knowledge

Training days: Monday to Saturday after consultation

Location: In-house in your company (prerequisite is a room with a projector) / or as online training via video conference with Microsoft teams

Duration: Full-day training from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., questions and discussion round afterwards


About Sandra Kaiser: 


Sandra Kaiser, is a printing and media technology engineer and have been working as an independent consultant and trainer in the field of flexographic printing since 2020. She graduated from the Stuttgart Media University. 

She has been working in the printing industry for 20 years and has a wide network in the field of flexographic printing.

Through various activities in the flexographic printing industry, she has expertise in a wide range of experience:

  • 5 years Sales Manager in printing plate sales and printing inks
  • 3 years of pressure engineer in the corrugated board sector
  • 4 years laboratory engineer, seminar speaker and auditor (certification of printing plate manufacturers) at the DFTA Technology Center and the DFTA Academy. 
For more details about the course you can contact us.  

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Once purchased you can will be able to book a first info session with Sandra by using the download link provided from your account further process can be set up in the first call session.

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