Tesa Softprint® 52017 Steel Master Plate Mounting Tape

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Product Construction
  • Backing material: PE foam with film lamination
  • Total thickness: 430 µm
  • Type of adhesive: tackified acrylic
  • Type of liner: PP
Product Construction
  • Size: 460 mm x 25 m
Properties / Performance Values
  • Color of logo: red
  • Hardness: soft
  • Thickness category: 380

The tesa® Softprint 52017 STM

This tape is a foam tape with dual coatings that is tailored to mount photopolymer plates of either 1.14mm (0.045") or 1.70mm (0.067") thickness in flexographic label printing. Its soft foam material makes it the perfect choice for printing screens and line work.

Product Features: 
  • This product features a highly compressible foam with superior recovery properties that result in excellent print quality. 
  • It has a long-lasting recovery characteristic, making it suitable for extended and high-speed print runs.
  • The low thickness tolerances enable quick print preparation and reduce waste.
  • Additionally, it has high bonding on the open side to steel cylinder or sleeve to prevent plate movement, as well as high bonding to the plate to avoid edge lifting or plate movement.
  • The bonding power doesn't increase, allowing for easy repositioning and demounting of the plate and tape.
  • It also has a very cohesive adhesive structure that facilitates demounting without leaving adhesive residues.
  • The structured PP-liner prevents air pockets from forming during plate mounting, and the red color marking distinguishes the hard foam.
The tesa® Softprint 52017 STM is a foam tape that is double-coated and falls under the category of 380µm (15 mil). Its purpose is to mount photopolymer plates in flexographic label printing, with a thickness of either 1.14 mm (0.045") or 1.70 mm (0.067").

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