Wide Variety of Product Mix

All your Flexo Needs at One Platform 
  • Bringing the Flexo Community Closer

    With everything at one platform everyone can see the products available in the flexo consumables market, hence people are aware of the market and market comes closer 

  • Giving A Large Access for all Flexo Consumables 

    With Anyflexo Marketplace even small manufactures in Europe can access a wide market to sell and customers can buy from a much large pool of products. 

Simple steps to start selling online
  • Shop set up done by us 

    We will set up a online shop for you with the data you provide. 

  • Affordable Subscription plans

    The plans are designed to give you maximum value at minimum cost. 

  • Access A Very Large Market 

    With Anyflexo Marketplace you can sell to a very large market. 

  • Upscale Your Business 

    We take care of the maximum things for you so you can grow your business.

Simple commission Rates

  • 12% +2.5 %

    CYAN Plan

  • |
  • 10% +2.5 %

    MAGENTA Plan

  • |
  • 8% +2.5 %

    YELLOW Plan

  • |
  • 6% + 2.5 %

    BLACK Plan

2.5 % is conditional based on the payment method used by the customer. This is commission charged for every order placed on the marketplace. 

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