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How to Mount Post Print Flexo Plates | Anyflexo Tutorials

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How to mount large flexo printing plates ? Welcome to Anyflexo Tutorials.

In this video we explain how to mount post printing flexo plates and how to increase the efficiency with some simple tools.

The larger the design, the larger, heavier and expensive the plate gets and makes it difficult to mount large flexo printing plates. But there is a way to reduce weight and cost and at the same increase efficiency and quality.

To increase the efficiency of mounting :

First take a look at the plate thickness. 

For example : 4.32 mm plate (0.170″) 

You can exchange this with a thinner 2.84 mm (0.110″) plate that reduces the mass in half already. 

In order to get the desired total thickness that the machine under cut required. we now use a pre laminated cushion foam in 1.5 mm (0.60″). 

This construction is recommended which includes a cushion foam in 1.5 mm thick (0.60″) and you get approximately same Construction. The advantage here are that, it is lighter, less expensive and can be handled by just one operator giving the same results. More relevant is the shock absorption that will help you with better ink lay down and reduces the risk of breaking the board. It additionally provides you with a non woven surface that reduces weight and cost and makes the repositioning faster. 

Using this way to for mounting large post printing plates you can increase your print quality and efficiency.

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