Innova 25 Edge Sealing Tape - 19 mm × 66 m

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Technical Specifications
  • Adhesion Type: Natural Rubber
  • Coating: One side
  • Color: Blue
  • Fields pf application: Edge sealing of printing plates
  • Material thickness: 0.115mm
  • Material Type: MOPP
Technical Specifications
  • Temperature resistance : -30 °C to +70 °C, short-term up to +120 °C

Innova 25 Edge sealing tape 19mm x 66m 

Innova 25 is a high-quality one-sided adhesive tape designed for edge sealing when mounting printing plates. This tape is made out of MOPP (monoaxially-oriented polypropylene) and is 0.115mm thick, making it a durable and reliable option for printing applications. The tape is colored blue, making it easy to identify and locate during the printing process.

The primary purpose of Innova 25 is to prevent plate lifting during the printing process by providing a secure and reliable edge seal for printing plates. The tape's high-performance adhesive creates a strong bond between the plate and the printing surface, ensuring that the plate remains in place during printing. The tape's 0.115mm thickness also helps to absorb the pressure and vibration of the printing process, preventing the plate from lifting or shifting.

Innova 25 is designed to be removed from many substrates without leaving any residue, making it a convenient option for printing applications where residue-free removal is required. This feature helps to ensure that the printing surface remains clean and free from any leftover adhesive after the printing process is complete.

Overall, Innova 25 is a high-quality one-sided adhesive tape that provides a secure and reliable edge seal for printing plates during the printing process. Its durable construction, residue-free removal, and blue color make it an ideal choice for printing applications where edge sealing is required.

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