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In2flexo MultiClick plate cleaning machine -2800 width 10 bars

Multiclick dimensions
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Technical specifications
  • Automatic loading capacity: 46 m2 mylar (10 bars version)
  • Cleaning time per-cliché: Between 3 and 4 min
  • Detergent consumption per m2/mylar: Between 0,10lt and 0,15lt
  • Water consumption per m2/plate: Between 1,5lt and 2lt

Multiclick is a new machine whose main objective is to provide the corrugated printer with equipment that allows him to effectively and automatically carry out a process that in many cases is carried out manually or semi-automatically: the cleaning of the plate.

Multiclick allows to clean a plate every three to four minutes without the need for staff intervention, with optimum results and very low detergent and water consumption.  


Stainless steel washing cabin. 
Front piping equipped with spray nozzles for washing / rinsing.
Vertical rotating brush.
Front piping equipped with spray nozzles for a cleaner.
Drying system with centrifugal fan.
Centrifugal washing pump and pneumatic pump for a cleaner.
Retractable transport system with clamp.
Sprocket with geared motor for trolley forwarding.
Electric power and control unit.
1 fixed stainless-steel trolley for cliché loading with a capacity of 20 or 10 plates.
Stainless steel containment tank. 
High efficiency drying bar.
Wireless router for remote assistance service and PLC with touch screen.
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