About Our Anyflexo Team

Who we are ? 

Flexo nerds, e-commerce wizards, logistic freaks with a boat load of experience fixing the problem of connecting printers and producers of flexographic materials in the most efficient way thanks to digital transformation.


Connecting flexographic printers with vendors on our e-commerce platform regardless where they are. Making the Anyflexo platform an easy and simple way to get everything needed to run a print job.


We aim to bring forward the digital transformation by connecting people, businesses and knowhow for the flexographic industry.

Meet our flexo Expert Team 

Mario Busshoff 
Co-founder of Anyflexo 
Florian Von Heesen 
Co-founder of Anyflexo 
Mitesh Vadoliya 
E-commerce Specialist 

For more information you can contact us:
Email: info@anyflexo.com
Contact: +372 6640025
Address: Anyflexo OÜ | Lõõtsa tn 2b | 11415 Tallinn | Estonia

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